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Ranau, Sabah, Malaysia
LiFE iS a dRaMa..fiGht fO uR LiFE.. iM n0t a pErFeCt man.. n0t a HoT, handsome oR seXy LiKE otHeR guy oUt tHErE... i aM s0 dAmN LaZy & LiKE 2 mEss tHgs uP.. i HaTe C stUpiD pEoPLe fiGhtiNg foR p0wEr oR sHoWin WhOs hAs d p0wER moRe.. i diDnt HaVE mAny FrENz c0z 1 SinCErE fWeN w0uLd b eNuf...d0 i hAvE oNe..??? sUmtiMe,i d0nt LiKe 2 hAnG0ut Wif My fMLy @ fWeN.. i LiKE 2 bE aLOnE m0st oF tHe tiMe... i DiDnT mEaN 2 hUrt pEoPLe aR0uNd me,bUt i DiD.. i HaTE wHen pEoPLe waNna c0ntr0L mE.. iM n0t aN anGeL or A dEviL.. i LiVE iN bEtwEEn...fLeX.. sUmtiME I d0nt n0e h0w to sAy NO..!!My bAd... suMtiME, i nEEd My oWn SpACe..foR My sELf.. im n0t hot oR coLd.. whEn i sAy n0..!!its mEaNs NO..!!! iM a LiL biT wACky, cRaZy oR sEBeN... i LOvE My 1st LOvE s0 dAmN MuCH LiKE I w0uLd DiE fo Her...stupid.i n0e.. i LikE FaNTaCy LIfE..MaGic..!! i WiSH i b hEr.HaV a HePy eNDiNG LOv LiFe.amen.